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Do not do a few generations of Monkey, I was a generation of street play

Date: 2016-04-24
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"Not every Mini car street play"
Before playing listed three bell, street, in the domestic market of Mini models have only two: one is prototype (irregular channels to), is a kind of Copy car, in addition to resemble, the quality and the prototype.
Three bell play pioneering open 3 road, street, bold in three bell trend on exterior design elements. Adherence to three fluid quality standard on quality control, the essence of the prototype and the three bell made in traditional perfect unifies in together. Since then, the boundary river's lake has a third type of Mini car -- -- three bell street to play.

"Three bell street play compared with the present domestic launched a few Mini, in quality and temperament are undoubtedly the most similar Honda MSX prototype of Mini cars: physical spirit likeness MSX125, power is adopted with Honda MSX125 ?


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