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SANLG cooperate with AEON- what else except 350cc scotter?

Date: 2016-08-22
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The world is not equal to have been seen.
It is match your extraordinary experience.
--Jay Chou


  AEON Motor has been advocating mobile aesthetics, have produced many motocycles which has a lot of fans in Tainwan,for OZ125、ES150 to the latest tricycle
Aeon 3D-350,all is hot motorcycle type.After Inviting king Jay Chou for its endorsement, AEON was the hottest brand for a time.


Because Scooter is more popular,AEON always focus on Scooter series.Excellent appearance,outstanding performance and the cheapest price make a lot of people who want to buy Motorcycles change their minds to buy Scooters in Taiwan.

By contrast,AEOM Brand is unknown in Mainland,but good product need to let more people know.In 2015, AEON formally join forces with SANLG to lanuch newly export series-Eros SL350T.For AEON,Eros SL350T is the first Scooter in Chinese Mainland.For the consumers in mainland,not only in SANLG,but also it is the first 350cc series Scooter in Chinese mainland.

2 - 副本.jpg

The first 350 Scooter in SANLG ---Eros 350T [AI SHEN]

 Say so much, you still don't like this scotter?It's doesn't matter,the updated vision ES180 will come into the market. To be a updated vision, what surprise can it give us?


 ES150 in market

According to the official website information,AEON ES180 has a 4v roller rocker jet engine, LED like fisheye Front lamp and positioning lamp,LED glare color

crystal odometer dial,light weight aluminium alloy wheel rim,35mm periscope front fork,front-back disc brake,nitrogen absorber and aluminium alloy

footrest,strives for achieve "bursting with passion","born for beyond".


The patented LED fisheye headlamp


  LED positioning lamp


 LED dazzle color crystal dashboard


4v Roller rocker jet engine


Lightweight Aluminum Alloy wheels


35mm periscope front fork and Disc brake


Nitrogen oxygen shock absorber


Aluminium alloy brake pedal 

In fact, on Vehicle manufacturing,AEON do more than you can imagine.Besides based horsepower and performance test,for AEON,control and angle is motor's soul,according to ES150's characteristic,they do their best to test its maximum inclination angle.


[SANLG]ES180 is the updated vision of ES150,certainly meet all the above requirements.Maybe you feel [SANLG]ES350 is expensive and too large,but after ES180

which full imported on the market ,it worth you take some time to understand .What improve the performance of ES180 be better than ES150? Maybe we will

get the answer soon.


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