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说明: SANLG store inGuangxi GuiPing Guangxi north flow smooth SANLG store Rong county in guangxi puma remember SANLG Guangxi qinzhou Mingxin SANLG store Guangxi ping le SANLG stores Mr. Lu SANLG stores in guangxi Guangxi XinCheng guangdong auspicious SANLG stores Guangxi jingxi vantone SANLG stores Guangxi Xindu SANLG flagship store Guangxi Guigang SANLG flagship store Guangxi Weixin SANLG stores
案例名称: VI Specification
案例名称: Overseas footprint
说明: The motorcycle industry should establish the sense of responsibility:There is such a case: a couple rented a basement, due to the landlord for a simple decorate the basement, so the couple live also satisfied, the only toilet is the lack of a water heater, the husband had previously used a gas water heater installed in use, the results soon, due to a lack of common sense the security with the gas water heater, husband gas poisoning. Later, the wife to the landlord and the water heater with retailers and wholesalers to court, put forward 400000 yuan of the claims. Due to the water heater is guangdong zhongshan a set of brand products, has been unable to contact to the manufacturer, the deck and the product is unqualified product, plaintiffs court sentenced to support 280000 yuan of the clai...
案例名称: Sharing activities
说明: Benma company "to use the new carrier, a two-day"Deepen the basic regularization education deeds materialsRegularly benma company in recent years, at the local level through pioneering and innovative, pragmatic practice on education, in order to "make the party members and cadres to receive education regularly and allow the people to get long-term benefits" as the goal, explore a grassroots regularly the new way of education. Which use a large resource, adhere to the "look and axle. A resource is that benma company Yang in the region take the lead to build distance education, two-day and axle refers to the party day benma company adhere to a month (20) per month and the masses day (25) a month. Through the two-day practice, strengthen the rural party members and ca...
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