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Who are we ?

Benma industrial co., LTD., established in December 1998, is located in xintang town, zengcheng city, guangzhou new GanWan development zone, the company technology strength is abundant, production equipment, complete with annual output of 800000 cars and 800000 engines ability, is the "national quality service customer satisfaction enterprise" and "national product quality and after-sales service reputation guarantee company". Is also the first through the national "3 c" certification, motorcycle production access certification, ISO9001:2008 version international quality system certification of professional manufacturer for motorcycle.


What are we to do ?

Company's existing standard vehicle assembly line, each three engine assembly line, with a number of international advanced coating lines and light curing production line, equipped with international advanced engine cylinder head and body CNC CNC machining center, Japan imports "ono" chassis dynamometer and "mitutoyo" three dimensional measuring instrument, such as the United States digital flexible 3 d measurement CIMcore arm industry the most advanced testing equipment. Company has implemented finishing, frame, spraying, engine, vehicle and so on five big one-stop production of the project, a leading domestic peer modernization production base will accelerate the pace of three fluid motor continuously exceed.

Three fluid motor company's brand has been successively awarded the "guangdong famous brand product" and "China well-known trademark" honorary title, is the most trusted ? the broad masses of customers

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